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Foremost, I am me. Completely and utterly. I love rock music, but I adore John Barrowman, who's far away from that. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of person, although I like putting effort into myself for special occasions. Sometimes, I am as blonde as can be while other times I'm cleverer than most people around me. I know how to help myself, but I also know how to help others - and do so, often with great gusto.

I am a person for good laughs - I love a good laugh, and I believe that you should laugh at least once a day. Then again, as it may be, I can be highly emotional. I can be hotblooded about some topics, while others get the cold shoulder (which tends to be really cold.). What you always get me with, be it in books or films or plays, is a good story - though, if the aesthetics are sh... not that good, I'll moan about it. I am rather picky, sometimes.

I love the Big Bang Theory - not because everyone loves it, but because it's my show. My show, my jokes... I get all of them, and I enjoy it. Sometimes far too much. I am into science fiction, I am into fantasy, hell sometimes I even am into science (without fiction). I am no good as physics as soon as maths comes in, but I always get the concepts.

I love Scotland. And Ireland. And Wales. And basically the whole of the British Isles and Ireland. I went to Edinburgh, I went to Dublin, and I always want to return there. A small part of my heart has a constant seat on top of Arthur's Seat, enjoying the view over Edinburgh.

And yes I am, and that's not a real confession by now, a fangirl. A very proud fangirl. And that is completely okay. Because sometimes, as my mum says, you have to do insane things. And for doing insane things, you need to have a small insane spot somewhere. In my part, it's my heart. (:

(and that was probably incredibly soppy.)

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